Reaching Colombia with the Gospel one ministry at a time!


Here is an opportunity to make a difference in Colombia by Austin Gardner

This is my third post asking you to help Jaime plant churches in Colombia. If you would like to know how to get money to him please contact me here in the comment section or at gardner Below I will continue with a translation of what he sent me as his plan of action in Colombia!

We will start our labor in Colombia with the goal of planting a church with a missionary heart, soul winning, give out tracts in then neighborhood, etc. We will rent a house that we can use for the church and for my family.

The step by step plan goes like this

We will move back to Colombia from Peru

Get settled in, in Bogotá in a rented house that we can use for us and the church so that we can start a church with the contacts that we have.

Begin a ministry of evangelism and discipleship in the neighborhood wherever the doors will open

Get a group of candidates for leaders and start from there by starting to train them in theology and practice to be future pastors and missionaries that will plan more churches all over the nation of Colombia

Start a Bible College where we will be able to train men and women for the work of the ministry.

Atentamente: Jaime, Margelis, Ray Andrés y Sara Sofía Benítez Betín.

Skype. Jaime.benitez2

We are able to help you get your monthly support to Jaime. They are in desperate need. This is a great investment for your missionary dollar. Will you consider helping them?



Jaime Benitez plan for Columbia by Austin Gardner

Planting churches in Colombia

Why should we plant churches in Colombia?

The main reason that I see is that there are not that many Biblical churches in this great country of forty million inhabitants. In Bogotá that has nearly 6,000,000 the presence of Biblical churches is laughable, you can count them on your fingers.

There is a great need for churches that preach the gospel from a Biblical perspective with sound doctrine like those that have given their lives over the years. The last thing Bogotá needs is new and strange doctrines.

Due to violence like the problems between the paramilitary and procommunist factions the country has nearly been off limits for several years by foreign missionaries.

If there were at least 200 good Biblical churches in Bogotá then I could not ask you to help us open another but that is not the case!

Colombia is nearly virgin territory for the gospel.

Here are some advantages as to why we should go to Colombia:

Religious freedom

The people are very receptive to the gospel

The violence has caused people to want to seek another alternative for their lives

Family problems, drug addiction, etc. are causing parents to seek spiritual help

Migration from the rural areas to the cities

An enormous population that doesn’t know about salvation by faith and not by works

A Roman church that has lost much of its influence over the people due to the pedophile scandals

These are the words of Jaime explaining why he is returning to Colombia. Will you please pray about helping him on a monthly basis for at least two years.

You can contact him for more info at

Atentamente: Jaime, Margelis, Ray Andrés y Sara Sofía Benítez Betín.

Skype. Jaime.benitez2


Could I ask for your help? by Austin Gardner

I met Jaime Rafael Benitez years ago in Colombia. He loves God. He has paid a price to serve God. He left Colombia and went to Peru to study at the Bible College. He moved his entire family down. He has been there for several years now. He has completed his studies. He is ready to go back to Colombia.

Colombia is a very needy country. I will give you in Jaime’s own words the reason he is wanting to plant churches tomorrow, but today I just wanted to ask you if you would be willing to help him!

He will need monthly support. He is a proven church planter. I would be glad to talk to you and explain his ministry if you need.

He asked me to see if I could find some people who would help him for about 2 years. He will need about $1200 a month minimum.

You will not go wrong supporting this man. Would you pray about it? Would you contact me with any questions you have at 770-500-8021 or gardner

Jaime and family would be a welcome addition to your mission’s family.

You can contact him personally via the following options:

Jaime, Margelis, Ray Andrés y Sara Sofía Benítez Betín.

Skype. Jaime.benitez2